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This policy was last revised on February 27, 2005

Whenever you are on the internet you are vulnerable to various forms of monitoring and even attacks. You need to remain alert and keep yourself protected, especially if you use Microsoft products. Please be aware that we have found the following security sites/products useful. 


Always read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the sites you visit !!!


Pop-ups are not only annoying, they can also transmit viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malicious code. To prevent Pop-ups, we recommend Pop-up Stopper. You can obtain this software at 


Windows XP users are exposed to another form of pop-up. Windows Messenger is designed for use by network managers. Unfortunately, spammers have found a way to exploit it. It is highly unlikely that you need this program so we recommend that you disable it in your "add and remove programs" function. (Please note that Instant Messaging is not the same as Windows Messenger).

Critical Updates

If you use Microsoft products, it is an absolute necessity that you install critical updates as soon as they become available. They are your first line of defense against security holes in the software. To see if there are any critical updates available for computer, go to and "scan for updates".

Virus, Trojans and worms

New viruses are created every day and they are the computer user's biggest threat. They can change your homepage, load x-rated links to your desktop, send mass mailings from your computer and make your computer sluggish or perform erratically. They can also cause your computer to crash completely losing all of your files. All computers need to be protected with an up-to-date version of anti-virus software. If you have not updated your anti-virus software in over a year, there is a good chance that it is expired and you are not protected.  AVG anti-virus software is available to home users at their website . We also highly recommend Norton Anti-virus. You can purchase Norton Antivirus at .It is a small price to pay and it can save you a lot of money, work, and aggravation. 


Spyware will make your computer sluggish and cause many pop-up ads. It can also interfere with internet access or cause your computer to repeatedly try to reach the internet. Unknown  icons, extra search bars, and x-rated links are other common symptoms that can be caused. Spyware or adware can enter your computer when you visit a web site, or it could be bundled with other software. You may even need some of these scripts to allow downloaded software to function. 

New Spyware and Adware is created daily so removal software is not effective for a long period of time. It must be updated regularly. We are not aware of any one package that removes all spyware and adware.. We feel it is best to run several different brands regularly. Because some "removal" programs adversely affect your machine... some intentionally..., you should review any software before you install it. We have seen good reviews and had good experience with several "free" products on the market. They are Ad-Aware (, Spysweeper  (; and  Spybot Search & Destroy (  

We have seen a large number of infections caused by the Cool Web Search Trojan. This has varied symptoms that could include porn site icons on your desktop, numerous search windows; a hijacked home page, mass mailings, and or windows blue screens error messages. The CooLWebSearch Trojan can be countered with a program called the CWShredder . We highly recommend this free software created by and offered by Spy Subtract . 

HijackThis is a VERY good tool for checking registry modifications. It is very powerful and using it can actually cause your computer to malfunction if you are not experienced. We highly recommend HijackThis but you must seek the assistance of some technicians that are familiar with the program and spyware removal.


Cookies are small files that a website deposits on your computer so that it can identify you when you return. You can set your security settings so that your computer will not allow cookies, but that may prevent you from accessing some sites. We recommend that you accept cookies, but remove them on a regular basis (maybe weekly). The Internet Properties section of your Control Panel has options that let you limit and/or remove cookies.

A program called Cookiewall is offered by AnalogX . This program allows you to manage your cookies very effectively.


 Spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email or Unsolicited Bulk Email) is the scourge of the internet. You can help prevent yourself from being targeted by spammers by following a few simple rules. 

  • Never purchase anything offered in an unsolicited commercial email.

  • Never "opt-out" of an unsolicited commercial email (Some spammers use this to "validate" email addresses).

  • Never post your email address in a newsgroup or public forum.

  • Do not forward chain letters, jokes, or similar emails. 

We recommend Spam Assassin and make it available to most of our customers. For more information about spam assassin, visit their site at  

Another effective method of spam control is strict mail list management offered by Spam Arrest. Their paid service is available from    

 For more information about spam reporting and spam in general, we recommend 


Firewalls can come in the form of hardware or software. Although we recommend them, we do not recommend any particular brand. Microsoft Windows XP is equipped with an internal Firewall to help protect you against hacking. We recommend that you enable it 


There are several scams circulating the internet. Probably the most prevalent is called "phishing".  In a phishing scam, you will receive an official looking email from a bank, your ISP, a credit card company, or even a foreign government official. The email usually tries to trick you into releasing your PIN numbers, account number, username, password or some other confidential bit of information. Another tactic is to purchase something from you with a check that is too large. You return a check for the balance. Of course your check is good ...and theirs is not.  The latter concept is also used with large sums promised from foreign dignitaries. 


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